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Who We Are

CompositeTechs provides part time technical, sales, and business resources in the chemical, plastics, and composites industries. Our expert staff has in-depth knowledge of the supplier base and technologies, and we deliver high quality, cost effective, and focused solutions. We work as a team, so when you hire us, you have access to our entire staff for specialized needs as they arise.

What We Offer:


Proven Experienced Track Record

  • Min 10 Years Experience in Our Respective Fields
  • Full Credentials with Referrals
  • Extensive Relationship Network within the Plastics and Composites Industries
  • WE can hit the Ground Running to Meet Your Needs

Less Cost than Full Time Employees

  • Part Time Pay for Part Time Work
  • Less Burdened Cost vs Full Time Salaried
  • No Benefits to Pay, No Facilities Cost
  • Only Hire for Specific Tasks As You Need Them


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"My company hired (CompositeTechs) for three years to support our technical, sales and business development efforts. His experience with high temperature composites played a major part in helping us win a long term contract using those compsites. As a result, we are now a sole source supplier for a large military program, which is still providing us with solid sales today. He achieved the results we needed, and his support was well worth the investment. It was a pleasure to work with him."
-Todd D
Vice President
Mid Sized Aerospace/Defense Company